Java! (Pilot Episode)

Posted by MovingboxTV on Jan. 09, 2010

Based on the lives of three lovable canines, Java is a sight to be seen. The main character, Java, is a lovable Bull Mastiff who always has his paws in something exciting.What he lacks in brains, Java makes up for with his fun-loving personality. He can often be found wowing the crowd at karaoke or dancing up a storm at a night club.His two roommates, Heidi & Maddie add another dimension to Javas life. Heidi, a beautiful mix-breed, likes Java when shes not too fed up with his pranks. Maddie, is a playful Golden Retriever with a fondness for baking & a strong dislike for the neighborhood duck.Between Java struggling to keep three jobs, Heidi fighting to stay sane & Maddie trying desperately to catch ducks, there is never a dull moment in the lives of these playful pups. Distributed by Tubemogul.

Categories Pop Culture

Tags animation, pilot, show, demo, java, mastif

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