Japanese Game Show - Marshmallow Eating

Posted by DeathWish808 on Jan. 07, 2008

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Throw out all the rules in this Japanese game show. The contestants are forced to pull forward to eat marshmallows while being pulled back by a rubber band on their faces. The Asian contestants work hard to attain victory but its the audience that really wins in this game show. The Japanese contestants faces become contorted and are funnier and funnier as the game goes on. This isnt the price is right. Obviously Japanese game shows are the only ones worth watching.This Japanese game show video captures the essence of everything that makes Japan great. In a magnificent reaction to the orderly and modest cultural traits, insane game shows erupt into the public consciousness. This revolt against moral and cultural standards puts everyday people into an intense game involving large rubber bands and hanging marshmallows. To say anymore would ruin the fun of seeing the results for yourself. Hopefully this will not be the last of the great East Asian game shows!

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