Jalapeno Rap

Posted by Slay21 on Mar. 28, 2010

(This is us rapping, we wrote the lyrics, made the beat, filmed the video) Yeah, jalapeno. yeah, this one, goes out, to all the spicy girls jalapeno baby (The King) hey girl, i want to take you on a date, to a motherfucking restaurant, i know a great place this little mexican joint just up the road, i want to taste of your taco you can taste my load- ed nachos, beef and cheese, salsa, sour cream, but hold the beans, and on the side, i want one thing some spicy jalapenos, make my tongue sing, she ordered a taco, with extra meat, gave me a wink and said i love the heat, give me jalapenos, i want the spice, they feel great in my mouth and make my taco taste nice, we finish our food, and head back to my place, she ran in my room like she was in a fucking race, my stomach started burning, to the bathroom i ran, i sent that girl home and spent my night on the can I just want a jalapeno (8x) I just want a jalapeno, jalapeno, jalapeno, jalapeno... (Beatmaster T) hey girl, i just want a jalapeno, lets go to a mexi

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