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lyrics nowadays niggas tattling chuck cheese rattin/ so why the healthcares aint throwing cures at em/ they the reason the niggas be toe taggin/ if i could ever come to the scene ill cheese bag him/ a nigga diss me ill slap stacks on em/ shoot him flying spur fast matt bonn him/ (matt bonner) hockey goons slap shots right on em/ then leave him the water yee baptize wrong him/ fuck a sonny liston, play the duck position/ no boxing its shooting yes money clip him/ labels want me to sign no funny businsess/ 100 mill, couple wheels 100 bitches/ maurice green light put em on triizack/ so even if i dont sell ill make it bizzack/ i dont really want much just a sick lac/ some good food cleans clothes and to kick back/ fly denims louie vuitton lenses/ grizzly seats the colours be on memphis/ old school wit the shoes i shawn kempt it/ ridin stupid the whip is beyond senseless/ j to the ae O to the N e..........

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