jackie guerrido 20071207onAir-BoilingBlue.

WHO Jackie Guerrido _WHERE latin TV _WHAT ocp / ocm _WHEN 20071207 _WHOLE yo _WHICH#1of1 _WHY seriously, no need2ask, was thinking of titling the CLIP "hot blue" but even in my comments i prefer rewarding each beautiful woman with her own descriptive comments and Reischea Canidate has the hot blue in one of her videos, Who is Reischea? she is a fantastically balanced sports reporter presently -200712- at fox 5 NYc who blends her opinionated words in a straight forward manner yet ends her comments in a range from sweet to sultry inflections so your both left and right cranial hemispheres are going weeeeEEEE!!! while she is on air. Reischea now on ESPN.