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Posted by ivfcentre on Aug. 22, 2012

While many would raise eyebrows on a surgery like this, some are rather perturbed, yet not surprised. This does not make a lot of sense to me, but then people have their own fixations. Lingerie brands are catching up like anything which again adorns an area that cannot be seen publicly. So I am not surprised that something like a vaginal cosmetic surgery is catching up, says SamridhiKatyal, a freelance art director. Dr Baskhi reasons it out for us. Today girls are more aware of their appearance even of their private parts. Brazilian bikini waxing or G-wax has become too common these days which proves how conscious women have become about their private parts. Not only that, girls as young as 14 years are getting their bikini area waxed, says Dr Bakshi.

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