It's the NFL Arrest Records (Parody Song)

Posted by Shmonty on Jun. 28, 2013

It's the NFL Arrest Records.. Lots of Crime! http-// http-// http-// OFFICIAL LYRICS- That's right it starts after the Super Bowl Drugs and booze, some stole Many don't even get parole Rolando McClain, smile for the camera please Ricky Williams loves weed Who remembers Jeff Reed? Don't have another drink Knowshon Moreno Michael Irvin will you please put down that coke Fire in your femur costs you more than 7 games Even if you pulled the trigger Plax knows that's right Bets with pets and Michael Vick was sorry In a hurry now he's a joke Team by team the players stopped, cuffed, tethered, jailed Pacman'll make it rain ...On Hoes Uh oh here we go Pacman Jones overflow, what'd he do Punches guys punches girls Samari Rolle he'd agree Don't matter where ya bleed OJ won't get captured Johnny says it don't Fit A-QUIT And Randy Moss was a boss but he hit a cop at a cross A lady right? Right! It's the NFL Arrest Records Lots of crime Titus Young getting' sour Cuffed twice in 15 hours Cut 'em loose & returned Never seemed to really learn Keys are in, now we're driving, man crossing, no stopping Donte Stallworth Kills a man and only gets 30 days Cedric Benson while he's boating Punishment too harsh Sentenced to Bengals prison Oh-Hi-Oh Maple Bars come near Golden Tate steer clear A running back, a QB, kicker DUI Sebastian Janikowski only twice? That can't be right. It's the NFL Arrest Records Lots of crime Ochocinco was in line Then he Slapped a behind Lets just save time All BALTIMORE RAVENS Braylon Edwards, Vince Young, and LT Marshawn Lynch, Matt Jones likes coke too! You can kill a man Hernandez Then destroy your phone, right? Right!

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