Is it Worth the Line To Upgrade to the iPhone 3G

Posted by tekietv on Nov. 11, 2008

The new iPhone 3G is much improved over the already excellent first generation model, and it's flying off store shelves at a rate that's making Steve Jobs proud. But while the 3G offers a huge list of ways it gets better marks over the first gen iPhone, there is still plenty of room for improvement. The 3G is speedier at processing data, but also at sapping your battery. If you want to switch from 3G mode because you are not getting the best signal, you have to do it manually, which can be annoying if you are driving. Most distressingly, the 3G did not correct all of the criticisms of the OG iPhone... the new phone is still without a video camera, which means no videoconferencing for business savvy users. And the camera is still placed awkwardly on the back of the phone, making it impossible to take good self portraits. The original phone's aluminum shell has been replaced by black or white plastic, which makes it feel a bit less solid. But overall, the upgrade to the 3G is worth it... especially ...

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