Is it really OK to fail in business? Even the rich do.

Posted by wizkids on May. 03, 2010

Why would someone who has dedicated his life to teaching people how to breakthrough to SUCCESS in their lives, say its OK to fail?I mean, this best-selling author and expert has literally taught hundreds of thousands of people around the world through his live seminars, books and audio programs, all about being SUCCESSFUL.So, whats with all the talk about failure?Watch this video to find out why leading wealth and lifestyle strategist Chris Howard, is in fact encouraging business owners to fail...You’ve probably guessed by now that there must be more to this story...and you’re right.In this powerful video Chris shares with you how one of the world’s best entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, turned some of his worst defeats into his greatest triumphs. And how this characteristic of “failing forward” (I really like that idea) is common across all successful business people.That’s why I am so pleased to offer you these complimentary tickets (valued at $895) to see Chris Howard LIVE at his up

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