Is it an Open Relationship or an Open Grave

Cass Mann is one of the world's longest-term HIV-positive diagnosed gay men, now in his third decade of living with HIV, and the founder of UK’s only gay men’s HIV/AIDS charity Positively Healthy, which provides HIV services including education, support, and peer counselling. Here he talks about the dangers of playing away. If you're in a relationship with someone and you don't know what they're doing when you're apart, or you suspect they're having sex with other partners, or they have admitted it, end the relationship. If your partner loves you, they won't be playing away. Cut your losses. It's not worth it. What they bring home could kill you. Today, HIV is often transmitted within relationships. We think that the answer to all our needs is more sex and/or better sex. That's not how it works. First, get your relationship with yourself right. If you do that, you can deal with your partner. For more information, visit and