Is Cheaters staged? Live at Strokers biker bar Dallas during mid

Posted by BrianSecrest on Oct. 14, 2012

We were celebrating our birthdays and enjoying our usual midget wrestling match when Cheaters showed up! Clark Gable is the new host and Mark was the cheater! The crowd chanted for Joey a few times, but I think Clark is doing a great job. Strokers Icehouse, popular on tv as Mas Roadhouse, was an incredible place for the Cheaters expose. There were over two hundred bikers celebrating and enjoying the Midget wrestling when Cheaters can running through. Mark and his new Blonde friend were being confronted by the cameras, the crowd and the ex brunette. A lot of yelling, chanting, cursing and of course, a little slapping! Mark...and you other could become a reality star or television FAILURE. I do not think Cheaters is fake. Subjects might play to the camera, or be subject to the hype, but not fake.

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