Irish! Bedbugs! Bananas! 170! Watch our rockin' ...

Posted by Frederator on Mar. 10, 2009

?2-Second St. Patty's Day Winners Submitted by You! Bedbug's Odyssey Submitted by Ned Wenlock 3 Bananas Submitted by Pasha E?? Today it's a bit o' the Irish t' be gettin' ye pumped up fer the big day next week.  We stairt off with the 2-Second Cartoon Contest, with a heaping pile of awesomeness and drunken revelry.  Then we take a nap and get teh heebie jeebies with a little bed-buggery. Then, finally, we hit the road with a big ol' Russian Rasta Vibe with 3 Bananas!the Robot's all over the place this week.  Taking your phone calls about his dating, getting asked to make fun of people, eat a wallaby.  Normal calls.  But.  We finally find out who The Robot asked out.Give him a call to let him know if it was the right move:  888-414-8148

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