iPod Touch 2G - Crazy Hotdog : Tailgate Party (Com2uS) Review

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

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01/08/09 Review of Crazy Hotdogs Price: $4.99 (Link to this product:) iphone.com2us.com Info: A jobless young man receives a mysterious mission to earn a million dollars with hotdogs. It is an exciting journey of cooking and selling hotdogs to find out who is behind the scenes. How To: Cooking The grill is divided into 12 sections. Touch the grill for putting, cooking, flipping and taking sausages out to the shelf. When the yellow silhouette surrounds the sausage it is time to flip the sausage or to get it out. Flickering sausage means Jumbo sausage whose value is equal to that of two regular ones. Take it out of the grill after it bounces up and down on the grill. Selling Take orders and serve customers with the right number of hotdogs. Decide which customer to serve first and how many hotdogs to pass. And touch the dish with the right number of hotdogs ordered. Customers can order up to 3 hotdogs at a time. Sales goals are given at the beginning of each mission, and also in the pause menu. Customer Each cu

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