iPhone Game App - 5 Gutsy Fingers

*** NEW RELEASE! NEW RELEASE! NEW RELEASE! *** Are you tough enough to take on 5 Gutsy Fingers? The highly-anticipated new iPhone game pits lightning-quick reflexes against the cold steel of a dagger blade. 5 Gutsy Fingers combines awesome, high-quality graphics with fast and fluid gameplay - and provides an adrenalin rush for the iPhone unlike any other. Gameplay: As the knife moves itself randomly over your hand, touch anywhere on the screen to stab the knife - just make sure its between your fingers or on either side of your hand. If you stab your fingers/hand 25 times, its game over. But if you score a perfect 25 hits without stabbing yourself, youll be rewarded with a sexy picture on each level. The higher the level, the higher the tension - and the sexier the photo! If the adult version of the game is too much to handle, download 5 Gutsy Fingers™ LITE, which has no adult content.