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Posted by tekietv on Nov. 11, 2008

Facebook Version 2 for iPhone improves on the first version in every way possible, starting with the much cleaner and easier to use interface, which includes notifications and the full news feed. Version 2 sports many of the features sorely missing from the original, including address book lookup, the ability to photo post on friend's walls and view their entire profiles instead of limited versions, photo tags which you can view when you touch the screen, people search, friend requests, your full inbox, and inbox search. Facebook Chat and photo uploading work faster and more smoothly, and you can upload photos from your iPhone library for the first time. With version 2, Facebook has finally come to the iPhone in a big way, making it possible to stay on top of the status updates of all your friends, no matter where you are. I'm Marc Gittleman for TekieTV.Com. Keep watching for answers and updates on all your science and technology needs. Turn your iPhone into a treasure hunting tool with the official ...

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