iPhone 3G Tech, Specs, & Apps!

Posted by tekietv on Nov. 11, 2008

Apple's new iPhone 3G is available with lines out the door of Apple and AT&T stores around the world, but is the new iPhone a big enough step up from the original? Let's take a look at the good on the new iPhone. The iphone 3G is a lot faster when browsing the internet than the original iPhone, which relied on the pokey EDGE Network when it wasn't connected to wireless access point. With 3G mode is enabled, you can easily see between 300-500 K down, toasting the original's download speed. The iphone 3G even sounds better, providing clearer call quality than the original iPhone, on both 3G and GSM mode. The physical design of the phone has improved as well, with the headphone jack now flush with the device instead of being recessed as it is on the first iPhone. This is a big deal, because it means you can use any pair of standard headphones to listen to your tunes without an adapter, as opposed to the first iPhone, which required you to use Apple's specially designed ear bud headphones. And the 3G's GPS ...

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