iPad2 Halloween Costume

Posted by aberdean on Oct. 31, 2011

A description of a relatively simple Halloween costume using 2 iPad2s to make it look like you have a huge hole in your torso. Youll also need a MiFi hotspot (if you dont have a WiFi network available where you want to use the costume). Basically you start a FaceTime chat between the iPads and then tape one to your front and one to your back. Add a little red paint and youre good to go. Its supposed to look like you have a gaping hole in your torso. If you spend more time than I did on the blood and the flesh part and lining up the iPads it could look pretty cool.

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Tags simple, diy, ipad, videochat, facetime, see through, halloween costume, duct tape, fake blood, ipad2, mobile mifi

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