Intoxication! Sloth! Smoking! Villainy! #189! Watch ...

Posted by Frederator on Jul. 21, 2009

Drinking & Drawing: Bikini Zombies Submitted by Frederator StudiosMadam Babette Submitted by Marcos Cohen For Better Performances Submitted by Fabian Dores PaisTrigger Happy Submitted by Javier Lopez-DupreyAnd lo, it was Tuesday and there was a new Channel Frederator, warning thee against VICE!  Starting it all off is the latest Drinking and Drawing, from New York City, featuring the braaaaaaaaainnnnnns behind it, Dan Meth!  We follow that up with a cute little French womans tale of woe, following too much TV.  For Better Performances explains why you shouldnt smoke, and finally, what happens when a villain tries, and we mean, really tries, to be a hero?  Trigger Happy shows us.What would you be willing to give up?  Drinking or Drawing?  Justin and The Fredbot want to know!  Leave a comment below or give them a call at 888-414-8148

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