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Stuttgart, Germany, June 2009- The best and brightest automotive minds of the 21st Century convened at the 21st International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV) to present the latest and most innovative technologies for automotive safety. The largest and most important global congress on vehicle safety attracted approximately 800 participants including engineers, designers, and executives from 24 countries on all five continents. Among the significant automotive safety topics addressed included- •Accident Data Collection for Future Safety Systems- •Developments for Frontal and Lateral Impact Protection- •Electronic Stability Program and Systems for Rollover Prevention- •Integrated Safety Approach- •Test Evaluation Procedures and Utility Evaluations of Vehicle Assistance Systems •Effects of Fuel-Saving Strategies on Vehicle Safety- •Prevention / Protection Against Injuries Caused by Rear Collisions- •Strategies for Introducing New Safety Technologies •Protection of Pedestri

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