Interactive Imaginary Adventure!- Episode 2

Posted by sandmanzimm on Dec. 05, 2010

An epic and incredible interactive adventure where YOU are the STAR!! And I am i it too! In College, everyone sucks. All they do is smoke, and drink, and make sweet sweet love to each other. Nobody has an imagination, or plays for fun, or goes outside and has adventures. And I hate it. SO since nobody else wants to play with me, you can! Lets go have an adventure!!!!!! If you want to make this Epic Adventure even more of an Epic, pick your favorite ADVENUTRE SONG and listen to it at the same time as this! Preliator- Unstoppable- Carmina Burana: O Fortuna- Pirates of the Caribbean- . Requiem for a Dream- Ten Years Kashmir II- If you want to have EVEN MORE of an ADVENTURE, record your own side of this adventure! Respond either as a bad guy, or my partner, or the princess, or just some random guy n the toilet! Whatever! Just be sure to respond to all the events and questions in this video! That way theyll go together like one GIANT SUPER ADVENTURE from different points of view! Then upload it as a vid

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