Installing and getting started with Xcode

Posted by Techy-Tube-555 on Aug. 16, 2012

For more videos on technology, visit http-// By Pavel@Techytube Xcode is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), where iOS developers spend most of their time working in. Starting with Xcode version 4.0, it has everything integrated, including Interface Builder, which was in a separate application in the previous versions. You can get here http-// to get the most recent version of Xcode. At the moment (beginning of August, 2012), the latest stable version is 4.4.1, and there is also Xcode 4.5 Developer Preview, which also includes the OS X 10.8 SDK and iOS 6 SDK beta. Note that these link may change over time, but you can google how to install Xcode at any time in the future, as there are also a lot of tutorials available, and its pretty easy. Also, Apples developer site has excellent Documentation which they keep updated.

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