Install iPod Touch theme on iPod Video 5g/5.5g

This tutorial will show you how to install the iPod Touch theme on to your 5g/5.5g iPod Video. Required Software: 1. iPodWizard: 2. Touch Hack 2.0 (5g/5.5g): **KNOW WHICH VERSION OF iPOD VIDEO YOU OWN!** **8 STEP GUIDE** 1. Before plugging your iPod into your computer, you must set the main menu settings. This is because the background used for the hack has these icons implemented, and if you do not have this exact configuration, your main menu will either malfunction or take you to the wrong menus. * Music * Photos * Videos * Extras * Settings 2. Plug iPod into computer, and open iPodWizard. 3. Load the firmware binary. Please, LOAD THE CORRECT FIRMWARE. 4. Click "Write to iPod". 5. When writing is done, click "Eject", but DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR IPOD. 6. Your iPod will reboot. When it has successfully rebooted, your computer will redetected. Eject it again. Now you may unplug. 7. Enjoy your iPod. 8. If you would like to load extras,