Insomnia- Plato da Astronaut (THE BEST RAPPER FROM DALLAS TEXAS)

Posted by platodaastronaut on Nov. 30, 2011

LIKE THE SONG? ??DOWNLOAD IT FREE!?? http-// This life is a dream, I must be in a coma, They tell us we ain't shit without a High school diploma I'm a kid at heart but they say I have to grow up, The very thought of growing up makes me wanna thow up Throw out my mic? and like show up to college? All my life I had the Passion of an artist, Till my folks said my art is straight garbage, Reality had my inner child demolished by the grades, the drugs and useless knowledge I know I'm not the richest best looking or the smartest but momma I promise to try my fucking hardest even if it means givng my dreams as an artist I'm not even good and I'm not being modest Enough of this bullshit, Class already started.. I know I'm no one special, I don't pretend to be I'm not trying to be different, baby I'm just me Tell me can you see what I dream to be? Welcome to my life as a Moung Mc I have the heart of a kid, I try to act like I'm grown I have demons in my head I try to battle on my own

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