Inner Fearence We just want to communicate.--A verse of the maca

Posted by Mowdereel on Dec. 28, 2011

Written & Directed by Michael Mowder, Jr. --Copyright 2011 PLEASE BE ADVISED- FOUL LANGUAGE & DISTURBING IMAGES- NOT INTENDED FOR KIDS. (BE SURE TO WATCH BEYOND THE CREDITS.) This verse of the macabre is centered around one man, who is stuck home alone during a severe winter storm. He conducts his own ghost hunt, after a few strange occurrences and begins to have weird dreams. He unwittingly delves deeper into communicating with the dead and happens to awaken something far more sinister. After a few days, his family returns to find him missing; unfortunately his wife is the first to find out the macabre and bizarre nature of his disappearence. WATCH IF YOU DARE and witness one of the nine circles of hell. Created & Produced by MOWDEReeL Entertainment 2011.

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