inFamous: The Good, The Bad, and The Feisty

Posted by gamezombie on May. 28, 2009

GameZombies Feisty One Jessica Frasher talks inFamous with Sucker Punchs Ken Schramm. Schramm elaborates on the players choice of using Coles super hero powers to uphold justice, or embracing their inner evil and wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting public. Schramm also talks about the perks of choosing a side, as you gain karma points that can be spent on abilities depending on your choices.Creative Director & Executive Producer: Spencer Striker, Music by Chris Bates, Produced by Adrienne Thiery, Motion Graphics by Andrew Benninghoff and Leetal Halamish, Sr. Production Manager: Matthew Berghs, VJd by Jessica Frasher, aka the feistylilasian, Filmed by Jordan Bleckner, and edited by Stanislav Sevostyanov.

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