Indianas Golden Voice

Posted by HarlandMoon1 on Jan. 29, 2011

Indiana man looking for any Voice-over, Narrator, Radio Announcing, Spokesperson, Pitchman, Movie Extra (using the Voice) or any other work using his voice to fulfill a lifetime dream and most importantly be able to support his family in todays economy. He has always been known as The Voice by family and friends. He has spent over 25 yrs doing Remodeling and Restoration work in both commercial and residential fields. Now turning 52 in 2011 he is wanting a change due to age related health issues and poor economy with overly high unemployment rates in Elkhart County Indiana. One of the Nations highest unemployment rates of 2010. There was a overwhelming response to Ted Williams The Man with the Golden Voice and he has nothing over Harland Moon and HIS Golden Voice. Harland is willing to learn the tricks and trades of the entertainment business. This guy should be The Next Big Sensation!!

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