Incredible HULK the ultimate destruction gameplay_PS2

Posted by prasanaauditore on Apr. 29, 2011

The visuals in Hulk are absolutely atrocious. The comically archaic draw-in and pop-up from the other versions are even more pronounced here, hindering not only your visibility but your fun as well. When you climb a building and look at the city beneath you, there is nothing but a thick wall of gray engulfing everything. Its often impossible to judge how far you must jump to land on the next building because you cant see it, which saps the fun of bounding around the city. When youre walking at ground level, people and cars will pop into view right in front of you and mysteriously disappear when they leave your sight. There is also a lot of clipping going on. You can toss cars straight through buildings, and youll see Hulks arm go clean through the backside of enemies, causing no damage. At other times, youll reach out to grab an object that lies in front of you and it will vanish right before your eyes. The thriving city that made the other versions fun in short bursts seem to have been overrun by a li

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