Posted by Skok58 on Sep. 05, 2009

This is a compilation of Fire Breathing clips and guitar solos. NOTE- 1) A couple of these clips were used in The Death of Kosh, but they were really grainy. 2) What you are seeing at 1-09-1-13 is the flame coming out of the eye hole of the hockey mask, as opposed to the mouth hole. 3) Two of the best clips had a stupid snowman frame that I couldnt get rid of (even though I tried to kill it off in that one vid. . .). All guitars were played through The POD and plugged directly into an HP Pavillion 7955 using Cakewalk to record. No Amps, or Speakers were used on this recording. Its elemental, really. . . Fire and Axe. . . What more does one need? In The Eye Music- A Compilation of Traditional Arrangements. All Solos- Skok All Fire Breathing- Skok To Hear/See More Go To - http-// Or Check Out My youtube Channel. Dont Forget To RATE IT! Well. . . There it is. . .

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