Im in a school (Lonely Island spoof)

Posted by GustavSvensson on Feb. 26, 2011

Lonely Island Cover. Starring Crowded Island (Lil Dolla and Fat Kash aka Ge-Pain aka Lil Gon.) This is more of a parody but since Im on a Boat is a parody cover sounds better. The makers of this video (Me and my boy Conny) are two senior high school students and made this as a part of a school assignment on viral marketing. Please spread it around. Its part of a school competition and we might win 100$. Please spread t around. The more views we get the better. We do not claim any ownershio or copyright of the song, the song belongs to Universal Republic Records and this video is only a tribute to the original and an homage to lonely island. This John Bauer motherfu**er dont you ever forget!! (John Bauer is the name of our school :P )

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Tags wiggers, im on a boat, lonely island

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