READ:I did it for the laughs. This was not made to humiliate her. Comedians do things like this all the time. We harp on abnormalities. I will take this video down if it gets out of hand. Understand that dystonia is a very brutal condition and should be taken seriously. My best wishes go out to the girl in this video. I hope that scientific advancement ends up helping her out within the next few years.--QuanHELP FIGHT DYSTONIA! AWARENESS!---Im sure most of you laugh when standup comedians make fun of retarded people or people who are disabled. I do the same thing with this video and all of a sudden people have a hanger up their butts. Outrageous. I mention a disease called dystonia and Im the devil, whereas Tracy Morgan can make fun of people with cerebral palsy and Eddie Murphy can be one of the thousands of comedians out there who make fun of people in wheelchairs. How many of you laughed at jokes made about Roy D