Illuminati: Synthetic Human? 3

MAYBE IT IS LIP STICK ON A PIG DID MC CAIN SAY THE TRUTH FOR ONCE? This is the opener to a series of videos about artificial in semi nation and the results Egypt, Greece, Rome etc were involved in artificial insemination. This is a fact that the arch?ological foundations do not want us to know. Their genetic manipulation has led to different fractions of artificially bred people. The devil hides behind the religion and uses what is the most precious to us to destroy us. God said the devil would do that. The devil wants to be god - this is what the New World Order is about. We lived in the big age of deception. This is ending now. It is Endgame for the devils, not us humans. The devils have been found out, and there is nothing that can stop this now. Please get into a discussion. We all have to start thinking together for each other. Thinking for us is something we thought they would do, but obviously not. They have let us down. Big time. They made wrong promises. The picture of Adam and