Illegal sudden party pranks on public bus - Happy Holiday Indone

Posted by Edho-Pratama-634 on Nov. 10, 2012

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This episode of happy holiday is dedicated to our idol Rémi Gaillard dangerously funny we love your channel by doing whatever anybody can be whoever http-// In this episode we decided to do a prank on a public bus... we are going to have a sudden party inside the bus ^^ with a little help of our 75 friends... super thanx to NSG for the HHI anthem Song! you are the best!!! @nsgmusic If you want to Download HHI Anthem this is the link http-// Who are we? we are the Happy Holiday Indonesia team, please watch our series of Happy Holiday Indonesia on Youtube only HHI 1st episode http-// HHI 2nd episode http-// HHI 3rd episode http-// HHI 4th episode http-// HHI 5th episode http-// Follow

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