Illegal sudden party pranks on public bus - Happy Holiday Indone

Posted by Edho-Pratama-634 on Nov. 10, 2012

This episode of happy holiday is dedicated to our idol Rémi Gaillard dangerously funny we love your channel by doing whatever anybody can be whoever http-// In this episode we decided to do a prank on a public bus... we are going to have a sudden party inside the bus ^^ with a little help of our 75 friends... super thanx to NSG for the HHI anthem Song! you are the best!!! @nsgmusic If you want to Download HHI Anthem this is the link http-// Who are we? we are the Happy Holiday Indonesia team, please watch our series of Happy Holiday Indonesia on Youtube only HHI 1st episode http-// HHI 2nd episode http-// HHI 3rd episode http-// HHI 4th episode http-// HHI 5th episode http-// Follow

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