Ill Niño - This Is War Music Video (with downloads)

Posted by lmaocopter on Mar. 28, 2011

This is War by Ill Niño. This is the music video. MP3 or Music Video Download: FOR THE DOWNLOADS SKIP THE AD, You might have to disable your ad-blocking software. If the download gets removed, send that it is in a message! Lyrics: He was enslaved, to the dirty system, pero murio (to face the end) mother fucking come on This was the final mission His life had just begun It all had to be so fucked up His death to me, so fucked up His face remains so deathless [Chorus] This is war And I swear that Im not giving up or giving in This is war? Then I swear that Im not giving up or giving in Or giving up This life is war This is war Society is a loaded weapon No one is exempt from the bullet within El systema (the system) is a prime example De lo que pasa cuando (of whats to happen next) The streets could be so fucked up His destiny so fucked up His face remain so deathless [Repeat Chorus] Dios mio, alma mia, por que me as llevado la vida (god of mine, soul of mine, why have you taken my life)

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