IFC.com Get Hit – Episode 1

Posted by chaka025 on Sep. 02, 2008

In today's world, you're nothing on the internet if your content doesn't get hit with millions of views. IFC.com's newest web series, Get Hit offers you a step by step guide on how to achieve guaranteed viral internet success... or nearly die trying. In Episode 1, Billy Lang and Garlyn Thornquist, sit in their rat-infested apartment-film studio-editing suite and introduce themselves to the viewer as the two very successful viral video-makers behind the wildly popular viral video, "The Ball Kicking Fight Club," which achieved 1.6 trillion hits; nearly one third of the world's population. They explain to the viewer that they are about to embark on their newest viral video and want to show the struggling viral video-makers of tomorrow just what it takes to make a viral video that "gets hit." Watch more videos at http://www.ifc.com/gethit

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