(iExplorer) Manage transfer task

Posted by eddydawson on May. 11, 2012

Manage your transfer task in iExplorer iExplorer (http-//goo.gl/GKPfp) iExplorer HD (http-//goo.gl/IsLGu) With iExplorer (HD) , you can manage/view files on your remote servers (Windows sharing server/FTP server/WebDAV server/SkyDrive/Live Mesh/Google Docs/CloudMe/DropBox/Box.Net ...) in home, office and anywhere. iExplorer also is a good eBook reader, media player, and work assistant. You can read CHM, ePub, PDF and large text/PDB files with outline/bookmark/annotation support, play musics and movies without copying them to your device, edit spreadsheets on your Google Docs and save them as different formats, print any viewable documents. Features (version 2.2) General * Access files on iPhone/iPad or Windows Sharing Files/NAS server/FTP Server/Cloud server (WebDAV servers, iDisk, FilesAnywhere, Box.Net, CloudMe, DropBox, Microsoft Live Mesh, SkyDrive, Google Docs ...) * Transfer files/folders/subfolders between iPhone/iPad and remote servers * Transfer files with Bluetooth between iOS devices * Tra

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