IDF raid on Gaza to stop Palestinian crimes against humanity

Posted by zion10 on Dec. 26, 2009

From the IDF website, describing a heroic raid by Israel to stop the Palestinian crimes against humanity-rockets being fired at civilians in Israel.IDF Forces uncover eight Qassam rocket launchers in the Gaza StripSunday 08/07/2007 13:03The reconnaissance unit of the Givati Brigade uncovered eight Qassam rocket launchers during recent operations in the town of Bet Hanun located in the Gaza Strip. The launchers were equipped with timers and one set to launch. We entered the Gaza Strip in middle of the week. We received orders to search for and locate the launchers threatening Sderot, said the Lieutenant Commander of the Givati Company. During night time operations we discovered eight Qassam rocket launchers that were facing towards the town of Sderot. One of the rocket launchers set to launch, a Qassam rocket in place, positioned towards Sderot.

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