Iceland protest and atack on the central bank

People went to Arnarholl ,the hill between the govermnet house and the Central bank. There protest speaches where held ,and still demanding the ressignation of the goverment ,and the Central Bank managers. After the protest was over ,people went to the central bank ,and tried to get in . To do what ,i dont know. Police tried to stop the protesters. Protesters got into the lobby,but there big glass doors where shut,and police where in front of the door. But later the Police left,and the people got into the inner lobby,and another glass door -and behind that door,was riot police ready. Protesters tried to get the Police to help them . The central bank was under siege for about one and a half hours. Protesters used eggs and paint at the building. Police warned the protesters ,that they would use pepperspray. But in the end ,the Police informed the protesters ,that mr: David Oddsson ,the ceo of the central bank,was not in the building. So the protesters told the police ,they would go out peacefully,if they would