Ian Eastwood (Germany & Netherlands Tour)-Raindrops

Posted by tovtovtov on Jul. 21, 2011

Choreography By- Ian Eastwood Song- Raindrops Artisti- Basement Jaxx Germany and Netherlands- Thank you so much for taking my classes, and for your passion to learn, whether you took one or all eleven classes. And thank you for helping me learn things from myself and making me a better teacher. I also need to thank Chris Sooul for all of the hard work he put into bringing me out and organizing the tour. And also a big thank you to all of the new friends I made while i was out there, that really made the journey enjoyable. and finally I want to thank someone else who is very close to my heart,...for inspiring me to choreograph to this song...thank you...I miss you. I already cant wait to come back to Germany you guys With love, -------------Ian Eastwood ENJOY

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