I Wanna Be Like Edward Cullen Song

Posted by sean13 on Sep. 05, 2009

I Wanna Be Like Edward Cullen Lyrics- [Chorus] In Twilight, this guy I know The palest skin you ever saw All the girls still want him though And now you know, I wanna be like Edward Cullen I wanna be Edward Cullen Wish I could be Edward Cullen [Verse 1] Wish I could be Cul-len Wish that I could get all the girls, yo Didnt have to breathe, didnt have to eat food And of course I want to read everybodys thoughts I wanna sparkle in the light, and drive a Volvo And honestly I wanna play the Piano Although it would suck to never turn 18 Cause I know pedophiles will try to rape me I wanna say that Dracula is my homie Be a Vegetarian even though I eat meat Wanna say that Carlisle is my daddy Thats such an awesome name, theyll all be jealous of me [Chorus] [Verse 2] Wish I could be in, Dr. Cullens Family and the Olympic Coven Then Edward can, be my brethren And he can tell me how to be more like him Jasper and Emmett are so cool also And Alice is like Katy Perry Hot N Cold Dont wanna be near Rosalie, though Cause I h

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