I Hate Finals!!!! ~Freestyle

Posted by ZZSpecialK on May. 16, 2010

Having not slept for 3 days and my brain being completely dead I was faced with a decision to try and ease my pain... Cut my wrists or make a song about it, and since I'm a pussy here ya go -) Instrumental is by DJ Stains - www.youtube.com/SouljaChipmunkMusic Lyrics- God i hate finals scratching out my eyes like vinyls red bull accumulates in piles it's been a month since i've smiled in the library pacin i can't even remember shavin nobody on campus bathin like hippies obsessed with planet savin poppin vitamins to focus this chemistry is hocus pocus and why's teach bein such a beach like he's snape teachin potions Harry Potter babble like hey prof avada kedavra so tired i got ke$ha talent like blaahahahahahahahaha wish i could say i'm just playin but that's slut's less then amazing ugh...sidetracked again.... what the hell was i sayin? oh yea exams....... well if you've never been to college let my illuminate you quick dog it sucks dick serious, no shit in the stacks all day it's all work, no pla

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