(I got a crush on) Obama Girl

Posted by ZZSpecialK on Jul. 14, 2009

My remix of Soulja Boys Soulja Girl. sorry didnt have time to make a full video, if you guys like the song ill make a real video, thanks for watching! -) Check out my channel Song is downloadable on my myspace page, http-//www.myspace.com/twonitu friend me while youre there -) Lyrics- ** Man, I got a crush on that Obama Girl Everybody crushin on Obama Girl Would you support me? (me) If i ran for the presidency? (me) I cant hear what youre talking bout (Obama Girl) Cuz your chest be popping out (Obama Girl) But would you support me? (me) If i ran for the presidency? (me) ** I cant help myself, im crushin on Obama Girl You should give a chance to this white-rhyma girl I watch the vid-eo everyday, from Wednesday to Tuesday You and me would be great, what a pair, so baby what you say? Twoni-Tu yea i can holla at the ladies But youre the only one i wish i was dating My worlds been turned all upside down lately For you and me to get together baby girl thats fate Crushin on, Obama Girl Wrote this so

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