I Don't Wanna Be Homeless & Down in the Street SupeSings SupeSo

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 02, 2010

On 01/31/10 @ the firefighters Club supeman Made up Words on Stage for this Kool Off Beat Tune,, Garray Koenig on Pre,,A New Guy that sorta looks like randybachman on Strat,,A New Long Haired Guy on telecaster,,paullacroix on Keys & Peter Pete on the Pearls,,,Neat Kinda Groove,,Cheers &. thanx Rick magicman Mearns for the Cam work in the supezone,,Cheers ta all & good luck to the winter olympic snowboard,skiing,bobsled,speed & figure skating,hockey,free style & such athletes in the vancouver 2010 olympics,,Cheers ta all ,,Down in the Street not by Iggy Pop,Filmed @ Paul & Friends Jus' Jammin' Sundays

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