I Am A Model - Guy Poses on campus like hes a model, pretty sex

Posted by heehtog on Dec. 01, 2011

www.hydratecafe.comLINKS!! Facebook- http-//facebook.com/sidneyraz Twiter- http-//twitter.com/sidneyraz Tumblr- http-// http-//sidneyraz.tumblr.com Why not be a model? I felt like strutting my stuff around the VCU campus. Posing, walking, posing again, and walking. Thats all models do right? I wanted to eat that puppy. I held back though. Music by- Kevin Macleod Song- Shiny Tech Songs used with the Creative Commons license. Songs courtesy of Incompetech.com dancing turkey kitty cat puppy jeff goldblum sidneyraz crab jellyfish scarecrow spy rake bookworm flower slug grass frog captain america VCU Richmond Va kevin macleod music shiny tech hydration equals happiness™

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