I Am A Bookworm - What a NERD! HAHA!

Posted by heehtog on Nov. 15, 2011

www.hydrationequalshappiness.comLINKS!! Facebook- http-//www.facebook.com/pages/Sidneyraz/271512946214887 Twitter- http-//twitter.com/sidneyraz Today I am a bookworm. This video goes out to all the book lovers. To all the teachers that need to show how much fun reading can be. This is the perfect educating video. Eating paper isnt as awesome as it seems. Trust me kids, dont try that at home. Special thanks to Premiere costume shop for having the right tie and glasses I needed. Music by Kevin Macleod Song- Wallpaper Songs used with the Creative Commons license. Songs courtesy of Incompetech.com bookworm dancing scarecrow batman jellyfish crab slug flower sidneyraz eating books paper dirtbike fail andy samberg prank VCU James Branch Cabbel Library Premiere Costume Shop Carytown Richmond Virginia education hydration equals hapiness

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