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Posted by kazanjianm on Jan. 19, 2009

Prior to 2008, I had never ventured outside of the medium of oil paint. Life got HECTIC and I was forced to reconsider my approach. Here (below) is the story. For the past eight years, I have taught art in schools in Harlem and the South Bronx and my technique was created out of a need that arose in my classroom. Forty five minute periods is not enough time to teach painting. So I switched my painting supplies from traditional supplies, to paint markers to eliminate the set up and clean up. After witnessing the success that my students were having, I decided to push the technique even further, while working in my studio. I learned that mixing color pencils with a "blender" (on top of the opaque layers of the paint markers) marker allows an artist to mimic the effects of glazed oil paint. I incorporated media "cut outs" and printed images in my work. And I found that paint markers were ideal to tie everything together. Finally I learned that scanning my images on to a computer will allow me to edit my "charact

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