Hum To Aise Hai Bhaiya - Music Video - Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

RELEASE DATE: 12 OCTOBER 2007 GENRE: DRAMA RUN TIME: 140 MINS STARRING: JAYA BACHCHAN, RANI MUKERJI, KONKONA SEN SHARMA, KUNAL KAPOOR, ANUPAM KHER, ABHISHEK BACHCHAN LYRICS: SWANAND KIRKIRE MUSIC: SHANTANU MOITRA PRODUCER: ADITYA CHOPRA & PRADEEP SARKAR DIRECTED BY: PRADEEP SARKAR SYNOPSIS: When a small town girl Badki (Rani Mukerji) from Banaras lands in the big bad city of Mumbai to earn an honest living for her family back home – things don’t go exactly as she hoped. When her kid sister Chutki (Konkona Sen Sharma) comes face to face and her double life is revealed the 2 sisters are in a confrontation that none of them expected or would have dreamt of in their wildest dreams - the whole family is thrown in to a tumultuous storm. Everything threatens to explode in their faces leaving a trail of destruction.