Huge Earthquake Warning for Vancouver British Columbia Sooner or

Posted by frankieapril24 on Oct. 12, 2011

Hurricane Katrina has Hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005 and Flooded the Whole New Orleans and Killed a lot of People and Destroyed Half of New Orleans. On Sunday December 26, 2004 Huge 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake Has Hit Indonesia and Triggered a Major Tsunami across the Indian Ocean and Killed over 200,000 People in Indonesia. On November 1929 Large 7.2 Earthquake has hit Sydney Nova Scotia and Triggered the Tidal Wave and The Huge Wave went all the way into the Ashby Corner. Mount St. Helens Has Erupted in the 1980 that was the Worst Volcano in North America. Indonesia Has a lot of Volcanoes People in Indonesia Have your Masks Ready and Stay Indoors. California Lies on the San Andreas Fault Line and California gets the Huge Earthquakes and Vancouver British Columbia Lies on the cascadia fault line. Vancouver is Getting a Huge Earthquake Sooner or Beyond and The Earthquake in Vancouver British Columbia is gonna to be so Powerful and People in Vancouver Have your Medical Kits, Camp Stoves, Candles, Flash Lights

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