la Terrine’s Bridal Specialist Caroline Baroody is happy to introduce the White Merletto Collection by Arte Italica, a perfect addition to any bridal registry checklist. The White Merletto Collection is available exclusively at Manhattan’s finest tableware and dinnerware retailer, la Terrine. Video transcript: We are so excited at la Terrine. Arte Italica has come out with a brand new color in their Merletto Collection, it is a white lace now. And actually at la Terrine we are exclusive to the color and the collection within the country. It is more of a stark white, so its really, really beautiful great bridal collection. Merletto comes from the meaning of lace in Italian which is great when you hear about the collection as to why it is. They lay an Italian lace into the ceramic which is what gives it its look. And they do this prior to glazing the item which they glaze over a black clay, which gives it the great undertones that it has. It comes in white now and an antique color is kind of a