How to Use a Bidet Video - Scene 1 -The bidet works with a gentle, aerated wash. By pressing the “Wash” button, a nozzle extends beneath you which starts the wash feature. Bidets have both posterior wash and frontal wash functions. There are dedicated buttons on the control panel which activates the wash of your choice.Nozzle position can be adjusted to suit your preference. Both water pressure and water temperature can be changed as well. These adjustments are easily made with a touch of a button.Most bidets also have oscillation and pulsation features. Here is the oscillation in action which widens the cleaning area. And the pulsation feature can be used to give yourself a massage.- Scene 2 -One of the most popular features is the warm air dry. When done washing, press the “Dry” button on the control panel to activate. You’ll feel a stream of warm air beneath you. When dry, press the ‘Stop” button, or simply stand up and the air dry will automatically turn off.- Scene 3 -The bidet also fe