How To Tease a Sleeping Kitty

Posted by KittyCatBliss on Apr. 08, 2011

VOTE HERE NOW- http-// Please vote for Kitty Cat Bliss in the YouTube NextUp Contest Voting ends tonight at 5 pm PST. Thank you so much! I couldnt resist teasing Meesha while he slept. Hes compelled to wag his tail whenever I say his name so I kind of took advantage of it. This was taken while I was making dinner the other night and Meesha was sleeping on his little perch. Anyone whos ever owned a cat knows that cats are notorious for waking their humans up. I cannot count the number of times Meesha has decided to me up by jumping on my stomach, meowing loudly on a Saturday morning because Ive slept in or by simply running around the bed chasing imaginary objects. Sometimes he even sleeps on my head. lol Thanks for watching!

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